Tidligere konferencer og møder

Culture across Boundaries, Nuuk 29.9-1.10 2015

Conference on museum challenges and possibilities for future Nordic collaboration

Nuuk, Greenland, 29th September to 1st October 2015
Conference venue: Hotel Hans Egede

Preliminary Programme:

Tuesday 29th September 13.30
Culture across Boundaries: ICOM and the future of museums

  • Welcome by Mikael Kristensen, deputy Minister at the Government of Greenland
  • Welcome talk by president of ICOM Hans-Martin Hinz
  • Welcome and presentation of the seminar by Vinnie Nørskov and Søren la Cour, ICOM Denmark
  • Welcome talk by Daniel Thorleifsen, Greenland National Museum and Archives
  • Presentation of the translations of the Code of Ethics in Greenlandic and Faroese by Daniel Thorleifsen and Andras Mortensen
  • Keynote speaker: Jasper Visser, Amsterdam: Future museums challenges
  • Reception

Wednesday 30th September 9.00-18.00
Challenges for museums in Greenland and the Faroe Islands and other Nordic countries (Paper session)

9.00-9.25:       Morien Rees, Varanger Museum, Norway: Climate changes doesn’t respect boundaries

9.25-9.50:       Marina Noronha, Aalto University, Finland: Towards a Sustainable Consumption and (De)Accession of Art(ifacts)

9.50-10.15:       Nivi Christensen, Nuuk Art Museum: Reflections on Art Museum’s in Greenland and a Greenlandic National Gallery.

10.15-10.25:       Eva Dagny Johansen, Alta Museum, Norway: Challenges for Active and Relevant Museums (book project of ICOM Norway)


10.45-11.10:       Andras Mortensen, National Museum of the Faroe Islands: Faroese Museums Challenges

11.10-11.35:      Kerstin Smeds, Umeå University, Sweden: “Sea Unites, Land Separates”…. Unifying Cultural Heritage across the Northern Seas.

11.35-12.00:       Laura Evans, University of North Texas, USA: The Moveable Museum: The Cultural and Creative Impact of a Traveling Museum Exhibition Through Iceland

12.00-12.25:       Synnøve Fotland Eikavik, Varanger Museum, Norway: Implementing Spectrum as common procedures in Collections Management – a long distance project.


13.30-15.45:      Museum challenges in Greenland: Panel round and discussion about the museum landscape in Greenland /in Danish with translation):

  • Carl-Erik Holm, Nukaka, The Museum Association Greenland
  • Bo Albrectsen, Greenland National Museum and Archives
  • Nivi Christensen, Nuuk Art Museum
  • Jesper Stormly Enevoldsen, Narsaq Museum
  • Further names to be announced

16.00-16.25:      Vinine Nørskov, Aarhus University, Denmark: From small to smaller – mergers and organizational changes in the Nordic museum landscape

16.25-16.50      Lis Mortensen,The Geological Museum, Faroe Islands: Challenges and potential faced by Jardgeingi, the geological museum of the Faroe Island, 

16.50-17.15      Lise Ræder Knudsen, Conservation Center Vejle, Denmark: Nordic network through common education

17.15-17.40      Birgit Vinther Hansen, Henriette Berg, Marie Vest, The Royal Library, Copenhagen: Nordic collections on display – shared challenges – shared knowledge

17.40-18.00         Summary and discussion

Thursday 1st October: 9.00 – 18.00

9.00-14.00: Workshop on Museum Ethics. Eva Mæhre Lauritzen, the inventor of the ethics workshop used by ICOM Norway, and Merete Ipsen, ICOM Ethics Committee will facilitate a workshop on museum ethics in practice.

14.00: Visit to the Greenland National Museum and Archives

Further information and registration: klavn@cas.au.dk

The conference is supported by the following foundations:

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