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Call for Papers, ICOM-Nord konference i Nuuk

Culture across Boundaries

Conference on museum challenges and possibilities for future Nordic collaboration

Nuuk, Greenland

30th September to 1st October 2015

Museums are important cultural institutions in every society. There is a long tradition for cooperation between museums across boundaries in the Nordic countries. But the need for museums to cooperate and develop institutions is growing, because there is a increasing demand for quality and a decreasing flow of resources. This is especially important for smaller museums and museums that operate more isolated. Many Nordic countries have museums in areas of less inhabited regions. Likewise, the cultures in these areas are not confined to the local area, but they have traditionally been moving around and across boundaries. Thus the museums are smaller but have to relate to a rather extended geographical area. Culture across boundaries it thus both referring to cooperation across the Nordic countries, and to the fact that cultures are crossing national boundaries.

We invite all interested in the future of Nordic museum and Nordic museum collaboration to send in abstracts of max. 200 words.

Papers will be 20 minutes incl. Q&A

Deadline for abstract: 15th May 2015

Send to: klavn@cas.au.dk

The seminar will provide a platform for Nordic museums to strengthen inter-nordic cooperation on all areas of museum work. It provides the possibility of discussing future projects, develop common strategies and nurture the ground for new alliances.


ICOM Denmark:  Søren La Cour Jensen and Vinnie Nørskov
Greenland National Museum: Director Daniel Thorleifsen



ICOM Paris: ICOM president Hans-Martin Hinz and Executive Council member Merete Ipsen, Kvindemuseet, Aarhus, Denmark;  ICOM Iceland: Ólöf K. Sigurdardóttir; ICOM Norway: Paal Mork; ICOM Sweden: Stefan Bohman; ICOM Finland: Eero Ehanti (chair); Andras Mortensen, Director the Faroe Islands National Museum, Thorshavn


Preliminary programme:

Tuesday 29th September 13.00-17.00

Culture across Boundaries: ICOM and the future of museums

  • Welcome by a representative of the Government of Greenland
  • Welcome talk by president of ICOM Hans-Martin Hinz
  • Welcome and presentation of the seminar by Vinnie Nørskov and Søren la Cour, ICOM Denmark
  • Welcome talk by Daniel Thorleifsen, Greenland National Museum
  • Presentation of the translations of the Code of Ethics in Greenlandic and Faroese by Daniel Thorleifsen and Andras Mortensen
  • Keynote speaker: Jasper Visser, Amsterdam: Future museums challenges
  • Reception and dinner
 Wednesday 30th September 9.00-18.00

Challenges for museums in Greenland and the Faroe Islands and other Nordic countries  (Paper session)

  • Contributions from museums in Greenland, the Faroe Islands and other Nordic Countries on culture across boundaries. Each contribution 20 minutes incl. Q & A.
 Thursday 1st October: 9.00 – 18.00

Continued paper session and workshop on Museum Ethics

  • Workshop on museum ethics by Eva Mæhre Lauritzen, the inventor of the ethics workshop used by ICOM Norway, and Merete Ipsen, ICOM Ethics Committee.

The conference is supported by the Nordic Culture Fund


PDF: CALL for Papers – ICOM_Nord 2015